DIY Sleep Masks

These sleep masks were a fun little DIY project that I decided to make for a couple friends for Christmas. I bought the fabric used on the front sides from Walmart, and I used some leftover fabric that I had which is a little fuzzier on the back sides.

I purchased the black elastic from Walmart specifically to use on these. I measured my head and then decided to cut the elastic a bit smaller because I figured my head is a bit bigger than my friends that I would be making these for. I used some batting that I had on hand and split it so that it wasn’t quite as thick, and it added a slight cushion to the masks.

After cutting all of the materials, I basted the elastic on to the right side of the front piece of fabric. I then placed the two pieces of fabric right sides together with the batting on the other side of the fabric for the back of the mask. I used a couple pins to hold it all together before beginning to sew.

I sewed the mask leaving an open hole at the top where the elastic was coming through, and then after flipping the mask the right way, I hand sewed the rest of the mask closed.

These were an easy little sewing project and great as a small gift. Next time I may try covering the elastic in fabric as well, to perfect the look a little more.

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