DIY Decorated Valentines Jar

I love thinking back to Valentine's Day in elementary school when everyone gave out Valentines and candy. I loved it when the teachers would decorate the classrooms for V-day and throw a little party... I am definitely one who relies on holidays to get me through the winter! That's another reason why I love crafting so much!

This jar was from Great Value coffee and I just felt like I had to try some sort of Valentine’s decor experiment with it; So I washed it out and removed the label and residue from the glue, and thought about what I could use it for... I decided to paint the jar and leave an area unpainted in the shape of a heart. My first plan was to leave the heart shape completely clear, and use it as a candle holder, or as a dish to put something decorative in like Potpourri or Valentines candy <3
I started out by printing off an outline of a heart to cut out and use as the stencil for the section to be left unpainted. I used scotch tape to keep the stencil stuck to the jar while I painted the rest of it.

The paint I used was from the dollar store. I started out with one coat, trying to be consistent with the direction I was brushing in, and then I let it dry for an hour or so before deciding to do another coat. I did a total of three full coats of paint, and a couple touch-ups at the end.

Once the paint was fully dry, I carefully pulled off the heart stencil. At that point, I decided I wanted to use the jar as a vase for some branches, and I filled in the clear heart-shaped section with white glitter instead of leaving it clear. I used a foam brush to apply Mod Podge to the inside of the jar, focusing mainly on the clear heart section. I then sprinkled the glitter inside of the jar onto the Mod Podge. I dumped the excess glitter out onto a piece of paper, and then re-used that glitter to fill in the spots that were missed. The edges of the heart on the outside of the jar were a little messy, so I took a Q-Tip and some nail polish remover and gently cleaned it up at the end.

After letting the glitter and Mod Podge dry overnight, I used some twine and wrapped it around the rim of the jar a couple times and finished it off with a bow. I had saved these branches from the hedge in my front yard for crafting, so I placed them into the jar to hang the heart-shaped ornaments that I made.

Overall, there was a bit of trial and error with this little project, but I am happy with the outcome! The decorated jar can be used for numerous different things such as a candy jar, a candle holder, potpourri and other decorative filler. Hope you enjoyed my Valentine’s Day crafts!
Thanks for reading 🙂


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