DIY Decorated Valentines Jar

I love thinking back to Valentine's Day in elementary school when everyone gave out Valentines and candy. I loved it when the teachers would decorate the classrooms for V-day and throw a little party... I am definitely one who relies on holidays to get me through the winter! That's another reason why I love crafting so much!

This jar was from Great Value coffee and I just felt like I had to try some sort of Valentine’s decor experiment with it; So I washed it out and removed the label and residue from the glue, and thought about what I could use it for... I decided to paint the jar and leave an area unpainted in the shape of a heart. My first plan was to leave the heart shape completely clear, and use it as a candle holder, or as a dish to put something decorative in like Potpourri or Valentines candy <3
I started out by printing off an outline of a heart to cut out and use as the stencil for the section to be left unpainted. I used scotch tape to keep the stencil stuck to the jar while I painted the rest of it.

The paint I used was from the dollar store. I started out with one coat, trying to be consistent with the direction I was brushing in, and then I let it dry for an hour or so before deciding to do another coat. I did a total of three full coats of paint, and a couple touch-ups at the end.

Once the paint was fully dry, I carefully pulled off the heart stencil. At that point, I decided I wanted to use the jar as a vase for some branches, and I filled in the clear heart-shaped section with white glitter instead of leaving it clear. I used a foam brush to apply Mod Podge to the inside of the jar, focusing mainly on the clear heart section. I then sprinkled the glitter inside of the jar onto the Mod Podge. I dumped the excess glitter out onto a piece of paper, and then re-used that glitter to fill in the spots that were missed. The edges of the heart on the outside of the jar were a little messy, so I took a Q-Tip and some nail polish remover and gently cleaned it up at the end.

After letting the glitter and Mod Podge dry overnight, I used some twine and wrapped it around the rim of the jar a couple times and finished it off with a bow. I had saved these branches from the hedge in my front yard for crafting, so I placed them into the jar to hang the heart-shaped ornaments that I made.

Overall, there was a bit of trial and error with this little project, but I am happy with the outcome! The decorated jar can be used for numerous different things such as a candy jar, a candle holder, potpourri and other decorative filler. Hope you enjoyed my Valentine’s Day crafts!
Thanks for reading 🙂


DIY Yarn & Twine Wrapped Hearts

Valentines Day is coming up, so I wanted to work on some DIY valentines decor. My first thought with these hearts was to use them for a valentines garland, but I got some other ideas as I was making them so I just decided to see where I would end up with the craft supplies I had on hand.

To make these wrapped hearts you will need:

  • Cardboard
  • Paper (optional for stencil)
  • Pen/pencil (if using stencil)
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Yarn, twine, or something of the sort


I started out by hand drawing a heart shape on a piece of paper and then cutting it out to use it as a stencil. I didn't worry too much about the symmetry of the stencil because it wouldn't be very noticeable in the end anyways.

Next, I traced the stencil onto the cardboard, and cut out the first cardboard heart.

I then took the end of the yarn and taped it to the cardboard heart with a small piece of scotch tape so that it would hold while I wrapped it around the cardboard. Try to make sure the tape is small enough that it doesn't need to wrap around the edges of the cardboard heart - I found it was harder to wrap when the tape was on the edges because of the slippery surface.

On the first heart, I was really focusing on making sure no cardboard was peaking through, but I toned that down a bit on the rest of them because it seemed like a bit much.

To finish it off and secure the end of the yarn, I just tucked the end piece under another a couple of times.

After I had already finished the first one, I decided I wanted to add a little piece of twine for it to hang from, so I just tucked it under one of the pieces near the top crease of the heart, and then pulled it through and tied the ends together to make a loop.

After making a couple of the yarn wrapped hearts, I decided to make a couple using twine instead of yarn to change it up a little.  As you can see, I didn't worry as much about the cardboard peeking through on these ones.

These were super easy to make, and they can be used for so many different things! Here are some ideas of things to use them for:

  • Filler for a decorative dish
  • Garland
  • Hanging mobile
  • Ornaments on a tree
  • Wall hanging
  • Wreath


In my next blog post, you will get to see what I ended up using these for so stay tuned! 



DIY Sleep Masks

These sleep masks were a fun little DIY project that I decided to make for a couple friends for Christmas. I bought the fabric used on the front sides from Walmart, and I used some leftover fabric that I had which is a little fuzzier on the back sides.

I purchased the black elastic from Walmart specifically to use on these. I measured my head and then decided to cut the elastic a bit smaller because I figured my head is a bit bigger than my friends that I would be making these for. I used some batting that I had on hand and split it so that it wasn’t quite as thick, and it added a slight cushion to the masks.

After cutting all of the materials, I basted the elastic on to the right side of the front piece of fabric. I then placed the two pieces of fabric right sides together with the batting on the other side of the fabric for the back of the mask. I used a couple pins to hold it all together before beginning to sew.

I sewed the mask leaving an open hole at the top where the elastic was coming through, and then after flipping the mask the right way, I hand sewed the rest of the mask closed.

These were an easy little sewing project and great as a small gift. Next time I may try covering the elastic in fabric as well, to perfect the look a little more.

Thanks for reading!


DIY Christmas Gift Baskets

For Christmas this year, we decided to make gift baskets for some of the couples in our family. I wanted to make a potpourri, which gave me the idea to do gift baskets that would include my homemade potpourri! It ended up being quite a cost effective gift, but of course it all depends on what you want to include in the basket, and how elaborately you want it decorated… The gift basket in the picture below is the one we gave to my grandparents (“Grumpy and Crummy” is their goofy nick-names from their grand kids…).

We bought the galvanized tubs from Dollarama for $4.00 CAD each, and we bought the white paper stuffing on sale at Michaels. I was worried it wouldn’t end up being enough, but I spent some time really pulling it apart and stretching it out so that it filled up the baskets well.

I used some burlap ribbon that I had on hand to wrap around the baskets, and top them with a bow. Because of the curved shape of the baskets and the width of the burlap, I brought the ends of the burlap together higher up on the front of the basket than the back. I used a glue gun to stick the burlap to the basket.

To make the burlap bow, I referenced this link from Pinterest: I didn’t end up following it exactly, but it was a great post on making the perfect bow.

In each basket we included things like bath salts, candles, potpourri, wine/non-alcoholic beverage, some sweets and a card. I had some pine cones and faux acorns that I placed in the open spaces in the baskets to finish them off.

These gift baskets were a fun way to put together gifts for the family! I definitely plan to do gift giving like this again in the future.

Hope you liked my post, thanks for reading.


Homemade Winter Potpourri

I can’t believe how quickly Christmas came and went! After a busy Christmas day, I decided that my boxing day should consist of sleeping and relaxing. Especially with the weather here being minus 20 degrees Celsius… So since I have already done a lot of lounging and dozing off on the couch today, I felt it was appropriate to make a post about the winter potpourri that I made.

I had already dried out a bunch of orange slices in my oven a few months ago with the intent of using them for this potpourri, but there were some other ingredients I wanted to include that I needed to buy. I went to Bulk Barn and bought star anise, cinnamon sticks, and cloves, and then i bought some cinnamon scented pine cones from Walmart. I already had some decorative filler for potpourri, so I mixed it all together.

The oranges still had quite a distinctive smell, and the cloves, star anise, and cinnamon came through nicely so I didn’t end up adding much more in the way of fragrance. I left the mixed potpourri in a freezer bag for a few weeks before transferring it to these cute Christmas-themed gift bags, a couple days before Christmas.

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for my post about the DIY Christmas gift baskets that included this potpourri!


DIY Cord Organizer

These cord organizers are great to hold together things like earphones, and chargers that are probably cluttering up your purse! An easy little project to give as stocking stuffers, or just to do yourself a favor and make things a little more organized.

I started by deciding on the dimensions for the stencil (I did 5 cm x 12.5 cm), and then I cut the fabric as needed. I already had some “Velcro” on hand, and I used some leftover fabric that I had used on a couple other DIY projects.

I sewed the two pieces of fabric together, and then sewed the Velcro on, and then I used my pinking shears to cut the edges.

These ones work well for holding one phone cord, or a couple of smaller cords together.


Thanks for reading!


DIY Hand Warmers

These rice-filled fabric hand warmers were an easy DIY Christmas gift, and perfect for the winter weather!


I got the idea from Pinterest, and thought it was a great idea since I also happened to have a ton of white rice on hand at the time… I made these for both men and women, but since I didn’t have any “masculine” fabric, I used denim from some old jeans for the men’s hand warmers! (Another great suggestion from my husband)

I started by deciding on how big I wanted them to be, and I cut the fabric to be 4″ x 4″ squares. I cut the fabric for all of the sets of hand warmers that I wanted to make (four pieces of 4″x 4″ fabric for each pair of two), and then I sewed each set of two pieces together with the good sides of the fabric facing each other. After sewing and flipping them, they were closer to 3.5″ x 3.5″.

I sewed them together until there was about a 1″ to 1.5″ hole left open, and then I flipped them right side out. I filled them about 3/4 of the way full with rice, and then sewed up the open hole on each of them to finish them off.

They only required about 20 seconds in the microwave to get to the perfect temperature.

Thanks for reading my post 🙂


First Try at Homemade Potpourri

I got married in July of 2017, and I saved some of the flowers from my bouquet to use in a homemade potpourri. It was my husband’s idea to get more use out of them – he’s got great ideas 🙂

I started by drying out rose pedals in the microwave with paper towel, and it worked well. I then dried out some ferns from the bouquet using the same method. I also had some baby’s breath which was already mostly dried out, so I set that aside to use in my potpourri as well.

I saw some ideas on the internet and decided to dry out some lemon slices in the oven on low heat for a couple hours. They ended up getting quite brown, but they add a nice touch to the aesthetics of the potpourri, and they smell good too!

Once I was ready to start putting it all together, I mixed all the dried items together in a freezer bag. I had purchased a couple bags of decorative filler for potpourri from Dollar Tree, so I threw some of those in there too.

For the fragrance, I decided to use cinnamon, vanilla fragrance oil, and a bit of cherry fragrance oil. I read that coriander and cinnamon are both good to use as “fixatives” for potpourri, so I mixed together the cinnamon, coriander seeds, and the fragrance oils in a small dish, and then sprinkled the mixture into the bag with the rest of it.

After a week or so, I went back to the potpourri and mixed it around again. The fragrance was strong, so I put some on display in a cute dish that my mom gave me a while ago. The lid has lots of little openings, so the smell comes through nicely. I am happy to say that my first try at making potpourri was a success!

Hope you enjoyed my post 🙂

P.S. stay tuned for my upcoming post all about my winter-themed potpourri!